Window 10 did an automatic update today and now my Max. 11 will not open.

Any suggestions what I can look at to determine the problem?

Not sure how to trouble shoot this, I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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Maximizer 11 is not supported on Windows 10 so it's a little difficult to make a recommendation with any authority.

However I would say that a couple of times this week we have come across problems with Maximizer (later versions than 11) not opening. Both seemed to be related to a Windows update.

Uninstalling and reinstalling resolved the problem in these instances.

As I say, this is not a recommendation, but MAY be information that you find useful.

Do with it what you will. We have no experience of installing Maximizer 11 on Windows 10.
Is there any Maximizer versions that are supported on Windows 10? I've used the program for years and would like to continue.

Don't want a cloud based version. Please advise.

Thanks for your suggestion. Did the uninstall and reinstall and now it works.

Please let me know if there is an upgrade to a PC version that is supported on Windows 10.

Appreciate your insights.

Hi Mike,

For the benefit of others that might have been following this thread, I thought it would be helpful for them to also see the advice I provided you privately via email, as follows,

"I’m pleased our suggestion proved helpful.

From what you’ve said, I’m assuming that you’re on Maximizer CRM 11 Entrepreneur edition? If so, that edition of the software is no longer available – It’s last release was CRM 12 Entrepreneur, but that didn’t have Windows 10 support either.

If you don’t want to move your database into a cloud subscription system running the latest CRM 2016 release, then you would need to buy a Windows Server in order to upgrade to a 1 user Maximizer CRM 2016 Group edition system, as it will not run on a PC operating system (like Windows 10)!

If you’re interested in that, then please call me on Tel: 0044-345-2608801 to discuss it further."

-Paul Coughlan-
Advoco Solutions Ltd

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