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I'm running Win10 Pro on a desktop.  My address book disappeared.  I uninstalled CRM 10, rebooted and installed CRM 10.  I connected the program to the address file.  When I attempted to open the address book I get these error messages:

An UNRECOVERABLE  error occurred on the:

Income/Expense file

Success Factors file

Standing file

Link file

Maximizer System file

Activity file

Strategy file

Step file

Dynamic Strategy file

Dynamic Step file

The program has been running fine for many years.  I'm out of ideas to fix the problem.  Any suggestions?

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Another source suggested deleting the upper and lower filters in {4d36e967-e25-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} that can be found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CURRENTCONTROLSET - CONTROL - CLASS.  I backed up the Registry, deleted the filters, rebooted and held my breath.  It took Windows 10 a couple of boots and a long time (about an hour) running a fix program but finally the computer was back online.  Next I opened Maximizer 10 - a lot of Code 19 errors were generated (about 10) and Maximizer opened.  It took another 10-15 minutes to open the address book & calendar.  I suspect its a temporary fix because the Code 19 errors initially crashed the program.  I'm going to go back to attempting to delete the KB5019959 update.

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