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We have a number of user defined fields which are associated with the main company address book record (for example - Contract Number). We wish to select specific contacts and write to each one of them using the contract number in the letter.

We want to create a letter using the user defined fields associated with the contact (such as name) and also incorporate user defined fields that are associated at the company level (such as contract number).

It seems that I can have one or the other, but not both.

Is there any way around this other than duplicating the UDF in both Company and Contact records?
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Sorry Dave,

I'm afraid your stuck on this problem for the moment. I sent a suggestion to the Manufacturers when Maximizer was on only about version 1.2 that UDFs used in this way should 'search list'. ie. if you can't find it on the contact look on the company.

The only good news I can offer is that this is a feature were considering including in the next version of out Max Doc Microsoft Word integration with Maximizer (see

Probably (apart from having the UDF on both records) the only way to merge fields from both the client and contact at present is to export the data or gain access through ODBC then use a word mail merge data source....

Ian Wallace
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