The webforms we created are not submitting data to our database.  I have tested from my computer and website.  I have confirmed that the submit button function property tag disabled=false.   This is also happening on multiple forms.

When submitting the form it returns "https://caw.maximizercrmlive.c...5847115D563B023D6F74" and then seems to freeze.  Data does not seem to go into the database and the page is not redirected to the website.

I have attached a sample of the first draft of one of the simplest forms. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,





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Hi Heidi,

We've come across this before and it's almost always to do with the website developers not applying the HTML code generated correctly.

In your particular case...I suggest we continue this conversation in a private message, as I may have to ask you for information that's private to you.

I'll send you that private message now.


Paul Coughlan

Advoco Solutions

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