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I'm checking out the trial version of Maximizer 9.

I would like to analyze my client base by age group e.g. how many age 21-30, how many 31-40, etc.

(While I'm on the topic, is there a simple way to add a calculated age field?)

I've set up a user-defined field for birthdate, and then entered several ranges in the "Graphing" dialogue, but the result I get is "Not enough data".

Any ideas/tips?

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The following instructions are for v7 but I don't imagine v8 is any different. From the beginning...

With all the address book records displayed that you wish to graph on:

    [1.] Select Tools > Graphing
    [2.] Checkmark the UDF for birthdate
    [3.] Click the "Ranges..." button
    [4.] Click the "Add..." button
    [5.] Enter range(s) (ie: 1/1/1946 - 31/12/1955)
    [6.] Select a range or ALL - click "OK"
    [7.] Checkmark the range(s) under the column 'Field Values'
    [8.] The ranges selected in Step 7 will show up under 'Values to be graphed for:'
    [9.] Click "OK"
    [10.] Select the type of graph, etc. and then click "Finish"

This works for me. Typically when the message you received is displayed either no address book records are displayed or there is no data (ie: birthdate) within the range.

If you want to save your graph settings for future use click the "Catalog" button on the resulting graph.

Okay, guilty (of non-specifics) as charged! :-)

I figured out the "city" issue. I thought I would be getting a graphical representation of all the cities in my database, but now I realize that I am limited to the default list of cities within the program. I'm guessing I can get in to that field at a deeper level of the program and add my own cities.

Still haven't figured out the "by age" graph. I've followed your/online help steps, and have tried bar charte, pie charts, etc.

I've contacted the manufacturer for their comment.

Thanks for your input thus far, though. Much appreciated.

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