My server didn't back up last night, when I went to investigate I noted I am running out of room on my disk. I checked and saw well over 2 gigs worth of log files.

Any harm in moving or burning to a disk? I'm guessing that they are indeed just log files but I need to be sure before trying anything.

Thank you!
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umm - not trying to be silly (given that this is a maximizer forum), but what were these log files for? 2GB of log files because backup failed sounds like an Exchange scenario where the transaction log files didn't get flushed bacause the backup job failed. I hope that these aren't exchange transaction log files you're discussing, because if they are then just deleting them is NOT a good idea.

otherwise - ignore my comments :-)...

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Delete them. Unless you're having other problems and need the logs to investigate, you won't harm the program be deleting them. In the Administrator, there is a section where you can set the logs to truncate every x days.

How and where can one setup a Frequency or Limit for these LDF Log files?

We are using Maximizer CRM 11 Enterprise Edition Server

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