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I am trying to set up a template in MS Word.
From MS Word I select "Insert Merge Field"
From the address book entry list I select (example) last name, then click "o.k".
The "insert merge field" box closes, yet nothing appears in my word document to indicate a "merge field"
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Are you sure that the entry you have selected in Maximizer has a last name?

Or is it a company entry and you are trying to add contact merge fields? (first name, last name, salutation e.t.c.)

What version of Maximizer are you using? in version 7 and 7.5 you can very quickly identify if this is a company, individual or contact.

A quick test reveals that picking 'last name' when you have a company selected in Maximizer reveals nothing, but selecting an individual or contact in the address book list (important this one, selecting a contact in the contact window will just say 'the action cannot be performed when the current window is active' when you click the Merge Field option in Word)

These are all flaws with the Maximizer Word integration as it uses DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange OR Direct Data Entry) links, which means you have to have the client entry selected at all times during your work in Word, especially if you want to print e.t.c. as 'DDE' is a live link

You may have selected 'Fred A' and created a letter in Word, done all your work, and then went to print, but you had also changed to a different contact in Maximizer because someone phoned up and you wanted to view them in your database.

What would happen now is when you click print in Word it would come out of the printer with the name of the person that phoned up not 'Fred A'

However, can i tempt you to try a different Maximizer Word intgrator called 'MaxDoc'?

It doesn't use 'DDE' intead it uses 'OLE' (Object Linking and Embedding) this is its selling point from a technical perspective amougst other superior features included in it when compared to other Maximizer Word integrations as with the OLE implementation you select a contact, if you have a template already created and stored in MaxDoc's Network Shared Templates folder then you pick it and merge to it automatically giving you a complete letter with contact details and no worry of having to change to a different contact in Maximizer as it isn't effected by this.

Finally, you can also merge one template to as many clients as you want (10s 100s 1000s?), all at once and automatically without having to click 'Next Entry''Print'Next Entry''Print'e.t.c! like you have to with the current Maximizer Word link BUT with only with one click of a button just like the functionality of the Maximizer Editor but with the power of Word!

many people what to mail merge with graphics on the letter header and signature graphics, with MaxDoc and Word you can do this, the Maximizer Editor won't except graphics.

Anyway enough of me, try this link CABC Add-Ons and click 'CABC Max Document Management'

CABC Support
Couple of questions re: this product:

1) does it allow for merging for letter campaigns (printing a number of letters at once)?
2) does it allow for merging for email campaigns when emailing a number of emails at once?
3) does it allow you to send emails in rich text or html format (rich text prefered)?
4) does it allow you to save emails and letters in separate folders for easier selection?
5) is there a trial period, and what training/instruction is provided?

I think that's all for now. Obviously, Max. 7.5 doesn't allow for 3) or 4). Let me know any other bells and whistles that I should be aware of. Thanks!

I have purchased MaxDoc to link with Max 8.0
but as you will all know addresses can often be veryt short or very long. For this reason I use the Dept and Division fields to start off those long addresses, as recommended by my Max. supplier.

In using the mail-merge facility I don't want a batch of mailshots with huge holes in the short-addresses where certain fields have not been used but equally don't want to shorten the longer addresses.

I can't find any way that it will allow those shorter addresses to be compressed...Tried the "leave blank if not used" box but has no effect, so I'm left with having to manually delete the blank lines on each letter, before printing. Very unsatisfactory.

Any ideas ?

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