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Hi - I just installed Max 9 (not Ent) on my laptop. I rebooted my Laptop as required and when I double click on Icon.. nothing is happening.. what can I do? I removed and installed the application 4 times so far with no luck.

Then, I went to install it on my workstation. I got it up and running and I have set up 2 different users and when I clicked File>Login to change the user I also got nothing,, and now the Login is disabled (grayed-out)

Also my MaxAlarm seems like wants to run only under MASTER account (login disabled to pick another user), however, MaxFind allows me to run under the different login name...

Thanks for any help or tips on how to fix this mess..

Thank you
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Paul, tryin uninstalling the program once more. But use the Windows (I'm assuming that's what you're using)software uninstall program (found in Window's "Control Panel." Once the unistall is complete you need to make sure that the Window's Registry doesn't still have some form of references to the unistalled program. It's not uncommon for programs to run through their unistall feature only to leave bits and pieces still loitering in the Window's Registry. If you have a "Registry" cleaning program, run it so that any MAX references are completely wiped clean. Shut down your computer and then restart it. Launch Max9 again and see if it finds your database and completes the launch process.

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